New York City, June 2006: The following compilation/ gif-animation of photographs was from an afternoon stroll on 18 June 2006 in what is called the Cloisters of New York City. The gardens were at their peak for early summer. The weather was warm, F 93 degrees, or 31 Celsius.

The photographs show the walk through the Heather Garden, and down the pathways, which eventually lead to Henry Hudson Parkway. It was a good day for an impromptu chamber concert, as musicians found an old shady oak tree to play for the audience. The flowers in bloom include, coreopsis, California poppies, iris, astilbes, desert yucca (yes, they grow in New York City!) delphiniums, hollyhocks, dianthus, lupine, marigolds, forget-me-nots, and a few I could not name.

One picture shows a sailboat heading North on the Hudson River. Another picture shows a little squirrel friend who was not afraid of anyone.

If you are in Manhattan, be sure to take a stroll at the Cloisters. Take the M4 bus directly to the park.

New York City pictures