Coming to an Opera House near you!

The opera is about to begin. But, "Oh no!" someone shouts as the beautiful chandelier above the stage comes crashing down ontop of everyone.

Patrons, actors and actresses help to clean up the shattered glass. Luckily no one was hurt. The stage manager wondered how it could have fallen since no one was up in the rafters.

There is a theory, he recalled, about a ghost many years ago who lived in the opera house. Perhaps it wasn't a theory at all. Perhaps the ghost is here now.

"Everyone, back in your places," shouts the producer. "We must resume the opera for these lovely guests."

"Tra...La..La..Laaaaa," sings the soprano, as she continues her solo. When all of a sudden the stage goes black. Everyone screams. "The phantom has returned," sings a baritone, trembling voice. "And I have written an opera for you all to HEAR," the voice grows into high-pitched rage.

"What are we to do?" asks Charcola, the beautiful young maiden singer who never gets parts because all the girls are jealous of her beautiful voice.

"I don't know," says the dashing tenor, Imaman, "But I'll save you Charcola, no matter what happens, I'll save you."

The lights return to the opera house, and center stage stands the phantom bunny wearing a peculiar white mask. "There will be no need to save anyone," he says. "I won't hurt you. Who do you think I am anyway, a villian?"

Charcola sings out, "You've frightened us sir. And that isn't kind."

"My dearest Charcola, what a beautiful voice you have," says the phantom. "I want you to sing the lead in my opera, especially since I am your long lost great uncle who built this Opera House with my bare, furry hands."

The soprano lead, stomps off stage singing, "I'll never come back here, I'll never come back here, I'll never come back heeeea, heeeea, herererere."

"Good riddance," everyone sings in unison.

So, the phantom passes out the scripts. The lead role goes to Charcola, the dashing tenor, Imaman, plays a silent part, and the phantom plays the male lead.

Much to everyone's surprise, the opera is a success and the Opera House is filled to capacity for months to come.

The End

Opera of the Phantom Bunny

Mr. Chloe -- as The Phantom
Ms. Belinda -- as Charcola
Mango Hill -- as Imaman
Kiwi Hill -- as the soprano

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